Force Trainer II Teaches Younglings To Use The Force With Holograms, Not Midichlorians

Prepare to feel the Force flow through you. The STAR WARS Force Trainer II Hologram Experience turns your body into a perfect wireless controller with no need whatsoever of magic bacteria or whatever the sweet-and-sour hell that nonsense was that Liam Neeson tried to pass off in THE PHANTOM MENACE.

No, this is closer to the more beloved Sir Alec Guinness-as-Obi-Wan Kanobi origin of the mystical galactic religion, provided the legendary Jedi Master was down with a brainwave-reading Bluetooth-connective headset that essentially interprets your thoughts.

That very headset manipulates the holograms that will challenge you with the advancing difficulty of 10 different Jedi training levels. Your concentration and Master Yoda’s added personal instruction will determine whether you’ll rise through the Order to attain the rank of Jedi Master, with a little extra advice from the included science learning poster. Be grateful. Qui Gonn Jinn didn’t get a damn cheat sheet.

The music and sound effects bring the STAR WARS galaxy to life, including the brand-new Episode 7 update to your tablet-based The Force Trainer II app, to hone your formidable concentration. Search your feelings. You know this to be awesome.

Among Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 is the recommended device for The Force Trainer II. Also compatible with 2011 and newer iPad 2 models.

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Move Holograms with the power of your mind!

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