The Force Band By Sphero Controls BB-8 With A Wave Of The Hand

In the latest Star Wars film – The Force Awakens, there was introduced many new and like-able characters, such as BB-8, the little ball robot with a great attitude. Well, the little BB-8 droid unit has become a reality, thanks to technology, and many people now enjoy what this this little robot can do a lot when you program him, but now you can control it using the power of the Force Band.

When you wear the Force Band you can control BB-8 using force like powers, like a Jedi, you move your hand to control the little droid. Make BB-8 go where you want him to, forwards, backward or around in circles, you are in control; you have ‘the’ Force Band.

Star Wars Force Band Sphero (2)Star Wars Force Band Sphero (1)

Source – Sphero

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