FORB Giant Golf Putting Mat XL Takes Your Golf Game Into Your Home Or Office

We’ve all seen the small putting mats that you can set up in the living room or hallway to help practice your stroke. Heck, we’ve even seen tiny ones that you can set up at your feet while you’re using the restroom. Although these fun gadgets are neat, they don’t really help develop skills or make you any better at golf. That’s where the FORB Professional Putting Mat XL comes in. It is a putting mat on steroids. Built to last and build to push your putting skills to new heights. A product unlike anything available on the market today.

FORB’s mat measures in at a massive 13.1 ft x 6.5 ft which gives you the space you need to elevate your skills. Also, unlike a small mat where you practice one put down the center of the green each time, the FORB XL Mat allows you to practice putting into four holes from a variety of angles. You can step right on the mat without fear of hurting it, allowing you to get a real-life feel for it. The green is constructed with durable grass coming in two lengths meaning you have two different textures to practice on. The outer ring of grass surrounding the green is 40mm high while the playing surface is 12mm. This helps ensure the ball stays in the playing area during your putting session. Complete with FOUURRRRRR miniature flags to mark the holes, this green is everything you need to feel like a professional.

As an added bonus, the FORB XL Mat comes with a complimentary pack of 12 FORB golf balls so you can get started right away. It ships carefully rolled so that you don’t have to worry about creases or damage to your green giving you a smooth surface to practice on. The manufacturer stands behind their product with a 1-year warranty to fix any damage that occurs from normal wear and tear. With this mat at your disposal you’ll be rivaling your favorite pro in no time…  or at least be able to beat your friends and family in mini golf.

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