Fontus Airo Self-Filling Water Bottle Harvests Water From Thin Air

Nature has all we need to survive, mainly water, because it is everywhere, even in the air we breath. Because water is in the air, it is all around us, it’s just getting to ‘it’ that has been a problem, until now.

Introducing the Fontus Ryde, a water harvesting unit that attaches to your bike. It refills a water bottle as you cruise the countryside while biking. It is truly a miracle made device that is able to pull the water out of thin air. Never again be without water, no matter where you are, especially when you are many miles from home or the nearest water source.

Basically, it is a self filling water bottle that produces nearly a liter of water an hour. It has many obvious benefits, the main ones being that it harvests condensed water collected from the air, which eliminates the extra weight and space from portable water bottles that serious adventures have to carry on their long trips. Never be caught without water again with the Fontus Ryed.


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Water Bottle Infusers
Water Bottle Infusers

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Never Run Out Of Water Outdoors Again

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