Fondoodler Liquid Cheese Gun Is The Greatest Thing To Happen To Cheese

The Fondoodler is one of those absurdly fun gadgets that absolutely no human being in the world should have to live without.

Nothing crystallizes its appeal more succinctly than this one line cribbed from the product website: “It’s a ‘hot glue gun’ – but for cheese.” Done. We’ll take a gross, please and thank you. Sure, you could simply fill it with store-bought queso, but once your eyes have been opened to its ingenious simplicity, why would you settle for that gunk? Fill the canister with the shredded cheese of your choice or even a stick of string cheese. Slip it into the plugged-in body. In less than three minutes, you can dispense hot, freshly melted dairy bliss with minimal delectable mess to clean up.

Best of all, once your cheesy feeding frenzy has passed, every removable part that comes into direct contact with food is dishwasher-safe and easily scrubbed with the included brush.

Here’s where we have good news and bad news. Let’s get the unfortunate part out of the way first: the sold-out introductory batch will deliver before Christmas, but that leaves the rest of the hungry masses wanting with no guarantee the second run will reach customers before Christmas. The good news? Order now, and your Fondoodler is at least guaranteed to ship sometime between Dec. 1 and New Year’s Eve.








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A hot glue gun... but for CHEESE!

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