Foldable Mini Drone Flies With A Hummingbird’s Precision

If radio-controlled aircraft shrink down to sizes much smaller than the Rabing Miniature Drone, we may not be far from officially classifying the next-smallest device as nanotechnology.

The Rabing Miniature Drone may measure an unthinkably slim 3.1 by 2.6 inches and an inch thick, but this 23.8-gram flying machine makes up for its lack of size with astounding maneuverability. A six-axis flight control system based on 2.4GHz remote control technology and pneumatic positioning for impeccably accurate hovering allows this sweet little quadcopter’s durable and stylish net-cage protective frame to transition deftly from capturing razor-sharp 720p HD imagery in flight without a second of shaking via the onboard 1MP camera into its astounding 3D-flip and headless modes on a dime. The included WiFi-based Android or iPhone app keeps the drone’s omnidirectional flight under ultra-sensitive control across a generous range up to 100 meters, including managing real-time image transmission and a customizable selfie timer. This guy is discreet, diminutive and delightful

When all is said and done, the Rabing Miniature Drone’s one-key return function brings your tiny companion directly home without a second’s fuss for quick, compact storage. A full 30-minute charge is good for delivering around eight minutes of continuous flight, so your craft never has to spend much time grounded. Sadly, the two AAA batteries needed to power the remote are not included.

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