Flypro XEagle Drone Uses SmartWatch With Voice Control To Follow You

Do you love the ocean? Do you enjoy surfing or windsurfing? If you do, then you know how awesome good angled, close-up pictures of surfers in action look, it’s getting into position to take those close-up pictures and videos that is the problem, especially during big swells.

Unfortunately, even professional photographers have difficulty taking quality pictures of surfers displaying their craft, but, now, there is a solution to that problem, and it will change surfing forever.

Flypro XEagle – the voice controlled flying personal quadcopter dron. This amazing drone will follow you around like some video game power-up; above your head, watching and recording whatever you’re doing. When you are in the water, it is there video recording when commanded, even when you are on the wave, Flypro has ‘got your back’; making sure to catch all the awesomeness on video. The camera is a 4k Ultra HD sports camera that supports 4K/24fps, 2.5K/30fps, 1080P/60fps, 720P/120fps recording, 12 Million megapixels. If thats not enough, the drone is equipped with a SD card for black box like flight data recording of GPS, altitude and vibration of analysis.

Flypro is also ideal for windsurfers, because it has a Swift Auto Obstacle Avoidance system on-board, and it will intelligently avoid obstacles up to 15 meters away. It also has a transmission of up to 500 meters away from your watch, so you have the distance for about 22 minutes of flight time! If you want to get some of the ‘wickedest’ real-time video of you shredding, then go Flypro XEagle.

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