Flying Submarine Drone Can Travel Pretty Much Anywhere!

Drones are increasingly being employed for military use which makes a lot of sense. Of course though, the drones that the military get hold of are generally much cooler than the ones that we get to play with. And perhaps one of the best recent examples of this is the US Navy’s flying submarine drone.

At this point you might be thinking that the term ‘flying submarine’ is an oxymoron. Fair enough but of course the reality is that it’s a device capable of doing both. This thing can move slowly through the water to stay under the radar and then take off into the air to get around more quickly. Thus it can be a useful agile spy craft then dive into the water when seen. In other words, it’s like SEGA Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed. Which is totally what the US Navy was going for. Probably.

The drone is called a ‘Flimmer’ which is a slightly underwhelming name. Currently it can travel at 58mph in the air and 12mph underwater. It’s expected to get faster and more awesome as development continues though (not their words). The NRL is thinking of adding wings capable of being flooded with water to provide fins too.

Flimmer Military Submarine Flying Drone

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