Flying Aquarium Fish Observatory Let’s Koi Fish Peek Into Our World

Ponds are a wonderful yard improvement that can elevate the natural beauty of a home’s surroundings. Unfortunately, at times, it may be difficult to view the fish in your pond. Only if there was some way to bring the fish above the water to look at them. Now, you can do just that with the this amazing Flying Aquarium.

How it works is fairly simple to understand, especially if you have played in pools as a kid. For example, kids discover that turning a bucket or glass upside down underwater, and then trying to raise it above the water, takes a bit of strength. This is because as the glass is lifted above water, the water in the glass remains.

With that said, some clever folks from Germany made the Flying Aquarium, and it is amazing to see the fish swim up and into the glass fish observatory. If you want a unique pond accessory, your fish will love you for this.

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