Flybrix DIY LEGO Drone Kit Lets Best Blocks In The World Take To The Air

Sure, you’re special. In more senses than the “My mom thinks I’m cool” kind, even. You aren’t “the Special” until you’ve terrified the dog next door with Flybrix, the world’s first and only official Make Your Own LEGO® Drone Kit.

It looks like something a charming rapscallion ‘tween lead in a mid-’90s family film would throw together to harass a stodgy step-parent. Please believe, this sweet tech toy is more about fancy flight than flight of fancy. The included Flybrix Software Program’s swipe-to-browse idea catalog is the essential guide to getting a four, six or eight-motor airframe off the ground with a wealth of shareable design concepts and central visual data command dashboard for early modeling.

Flybrix is even designed for imaginative Arduino-based modding. Just so we’re clear, it would be a monumental shame if no one out there were to equip a Bluetooth speaker and accompany every invasion of your neighbor’s airspace with “Flight of the Valkyries”. Airborne surveillance is awesome.

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Push the bricks to their limits towards the skies

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