Floating Dome Gives Your Favorite Fishy Friends A Look at the Outside World

Ever put a pet hamster in a bowl and watch is scurry around? Why can’t we do the same for our furless water-bound friends? While they seem pretty content to swim around all day, surely they’re interested in the world around them, right? If you’re plagued by guilt, you’re not alone.

Velda has created a Floating Fish Dome that allows even the saddest of fish to get a glimpse of our modern world in all its glory. Fish don’t really get much interaction, so give them a break. Although they seem a little hesitant of the floating dome in the video, we can only assume that they’re merely impressed.

After all, we humans are pretty cool.

floating fish dome floating-fish-dome floating-fish-dome-2 


Source – LaughingSquid via Velda


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