Floating Catamaran Hotel Beats the Hotel Floatel Holiday Inn

You gotta admit, we humans have a weird knack for making the weirdest land structures, but what about the sea side of things? You might be surprised to know that there are a number of odd floating establishments. How about a Floating Supermarket in Southern India? Or what about the floating prison in New York City? It’s kinda hard to miss.What floating structures you’re looking at, the Floating Catamaran Hotel is honestly the most ambitious floating structure to date. The basic setup here is a Central Floating Unit that individual sleeping units connect to. When you’re enjoying your stay you can drift off to your heart’s content til your stay is over.

While it’s sure to be expensive, you’re not likely to forget an experience like that.

Source – YankoDesign via Salt&Water Design Studio

Floating Catamaran Hotel (1)Floating Catamaran Hotel (3)Floating Catamaran Hotel (4)Floating Catamaran Hotel (2)Floating Catamaran Hotel (6)


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