Fleye Is A Safe Flying Robot Drone To Be Our New Overlords

The Fleye – it’s a flying robot, or is it a drone? When you first see it, it doesn’t appear to fit the description of a drone – a remote controlled unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, although it does fly, it operates much closer to the ground at human level.

Contrast to the main purpose of drones – to be as autonomous as possible, and to operate at an altitude that will not draw attention by those on the ground, the Fleye isn’t meant to monitor property, animals or people like large ranch/rangelands, the military, government agencies or police departments do, although it could, it was designed to serve a more ‘natural’ duty – to aid individuals in many other ways.

While it can travel much like any smaller drone produced today, it differs in a way that allows it to operate close to people. Most small drones have four propeller blades that are exposed, and these can be damaged quite easily, if they come into physical contact with… anything. The Fleye has only one propeller that is encased in a protective shell that serves another purpose – the funneling of air from the propeller blade into four separate air vanes that allow this flying robot to maneuver.

Because this small flying robot has its propeller encased, it can do many more things drones cannot. It can bump off walls, and people could even touch and interactive with it, without fear of being injured by the propeller blade. And, with its onboard computer, 2 HD cameras mounted on the top and bottom of the robot lets the operator see 360 degrees.

It is easily controlled via Wi-Fi, with an app you run on your smartphone. So, what can you use it for? Exploring places or areas you can’t reach on foot, monitoring indoor areas where it is too dangerous for humans to venture, taking aerial photography or just play with.

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Flying Robot Drones
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