Flexwarm Smart Jacket Has Automatic Temperature Control With An App

The world is getting smarter everyday, there are smartphones, smart appliances, smart speakers, heated towels, heck, now there is a smart jacket. It just makes sense, when you discover what it actually does.

The designers behind Flexwarm claim it is the world’s smartest jacket, and it is, there is no other jacket that has automatic climatic control that you can adjust to various levels of comfort to meet your ideal temperature, other than NASA, for use in space.

Concealed in the back, chest and sleeves of the jacket are unique, lightweight heating sources that can be controlled with Bluetooth, using your smartphone or tablet, you can independently control each area’s temperature. It’s very straight forward and simple to use, and with the real-time sensors, you can be sure that the temperature in the jacket remains the same, even if the outside temperature changes.

It has 3.5 hours of operation at maximum heat, so at lesser temperatures you can expect to get more ‘warm’ time. If you spend much time outdoors, then get smart – the smartjacket Flexwarm, to keep you cozy and warm.

With 49 days to go at the time of this post, they have already surpassed their 50k goal – so get yours now while they’re hot….or cold depending on your preference.
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