Flashlight Watch With A Compass Is The Survival Tool You Need On Your Wrist At All Times

If you’ve ever been stuck needing to know the time, the direction, and a way to see in the dark, well you’re in luck. The Flashlight Watch complete with compass is a handy (or wristy?) gadget that you should have with you all the time. In one small package your wrist becomes the ultimate survival tool, complete with all the tools you need to survive in the wild (not really but it has some of them) or fix the circuit breaker.

One of the best uses for this Flashlight Watch is working in tight spaces. If you’re already using both hands to do something, trying to hold a flashlight isn’t ideal. Sure, you could hold it with your teeth, but you’ll probably wind up drooling more than your twenty-year-old dog. With the Flashlight Watch, just press the button and you have convenient light right where your hands already are. It has four different modes of light to choose from including: high, low, flashing, and SOS, so you can decide which one is best for the task at hand. The watch itself is backlit so that you can see what time it is even in low light conditions without having to turn on the flashlight. Add in the compass on the wristband and your multi-use gadget is complete. As a bonus, the watch is rechargeable so you don’t have to waste batteries and waterproof, so you can take it with you into almost any conditions. Whether your fixing things with your hands, camping, or surviving the zombie apocalypse, the Flashlight Watch is the tool you don’t want to forget.

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