FishHunter PRO Wireless Portable Fish Finder Locates Up To 150 Feet Deep Using Your Smartphone

For many folks who are ‘hooked’ on fishing, having a sonar available to locate fish is more than just handy, it’s a necessity. However, not all sonars on the market are made the same, or function as good as fisher folks would hope. Not to mention, many sonars provide only limited information.

The FishHunter Pro is special, it is far more precise in locating not only fish better than other brands of fishing sonars, but it can analyze bottom structures down to 150 feet. Also, this sonar can be deployed by casting it behind your boat, or dropped down an ice hole to find what you are looking for – fish.

Because it functions using Wi-Fi, information is available 4x faster than Bluetooth based sonars, which also allows for effective trolley up to 2.5MPH. If you want to see what is under the water by analyzing the bottom structure, to help you catch fish, then check out the FishHunter Pro, you’ll be ‘hooked’.

  • Wi-Fi Casting range of more than 150ft – 4x faster than Bluetooth

  • Depth up to 150ft (50m) with Ice Fishing depth and jig tracking up to 100ft (30m)

  • Can be trolled up to 2.5MPH, cast from boat or shore

  • Tri-Frequency wireless fish finder, providing super high resolution information for fast and precise sonar information to find fish and analyze the bottom structure

  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery with a battery life of up to 10 hours

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