First Order Snowtroopers Hot Toys Figurine Debuts With Kylo Ren

OK, so before EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS hits theaters this Christmas, the STAR WARS movies to date are batting about .500 for overall watchability, but the toys? Oh, STAR WARS a toy collector’s institution for inspiring sweet collectibles. So it has been in decades past, so it shall be again as Hot Toys welcomes the first figurines to depict emerging solider for either the Dark Side or the good of the Force Kylo Ren and his First Order Stormtrooper brothers in arms.

From what we know thus far – and that admittedly isn’t a lot – these are clearly not everyday Imperial grunts with roughly the aim of Stevie Wonder after a bat race. No, quite the contrary: these First Order “Snowtroopers” are protected by insulated armor with some advanced upgrades and glare-reducing helmets to mitigate glare off frozen surroundings.

Hey, it can’t make their aim WORSE.

The helmet, armor and backpack worn by Ren and his fellow Snowtrooper figurines – we are so naming one of them “Stimpy” – are faithfully modeled after their gear in THE FORCE AWAKENS, complete with First Order standard-issue blaster rifles with extended stocks, articulated binoculars, and red rank-indicating pauldrons. The collectible set even includes two additional blaster rifles.

May the Force be far from a Snowtrooper’s cleary cross-eyed vision behind their most elusive target: the broadside of a barn.


First Order Snowtroopers
First Order Snowtroopers
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