First Lab-Grown Working Vocal Cords Are Reality

What did you say? Believe it or not, there are many folks out there that can’t say what is on their minds, because they can’t talk. Without working vocal cords you can’t make the sounds that are required to speak, and people couldn’t understand you. Whether you’re born without vocal cords, or you’ve had yours damaged somehow, there is a solution to this problem – growing vocal cords in a laboratory.

Yeah, it’s real; researchers can now make vocal cords in laboratory conditions. So, what? Well, it may not ‘sound’ like a ‘big’ deal, if you have working vocal cords, but it’s a deafening problem if you don’t!

This amazing scientific feat could someday soon help millions of folks speak again, or for some, speak for the first time. What would you say for the first time, if you never spoken before, it’s something to think about. It is fascinating stuff, for sure, and you can read more about it from a study published in Science Translational Medicine:

Lab Grown Vocal Cords (2)

Source – PopSci

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