First Human Head Transplant In History Will Be Performed. Could Be Worse Than Death.

Doctors Planning The First Recapitation Attempted in History

Plagued by memories of the 80’s movie Return to Oz and the dreaded head swap scene with Princess Mombi? Or maybe you’re more familiar with the silly head jars of Futurama. Either way, prepare for your mind to be blown. A group of veteran surgeons around the world are planning on executing the first full human head transplant.
Head Transplant
Why on Earth would they want to do that?! Well, a 30-year old Russian named Valery Spiridonov happens to be suffering from a terminal spinal atrophy named Werdnig-Hoffman disease. This super-rare affliction has no cure to date, and the only potential fix for his condition involves decapitation followed by recapitation, a ghastly feat never attempted before.

Valery-Spiridonov Head Transplant

Headed by Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero, a team of 150 medical staff and 36 intense hours of operation will be needed to complete this otherworldly task of severing and reattaching this poor man’s head. The project is expected to begin this June, hopefully taking place sometime in 2016.

Before you let your stomach settle, just consider the ramifications of this gruesome attempt. Could we seriously switch bodies by simply removing our heads and reattaching to someone else’s body? This concept is frighteningly similar to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and makes us all wonder ‘Is recapitation seriously possible?!’ Stay tuned as we all struggle to keep our jaws from dropping.

Valery-Spiridonov Head Transplant

Source – Independent & Mirror
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