Firesleeve Waterproof Lighter Is A Floating, Waterproof Skin With A Thumb

For Bic Lighters It Is A Floating, Waterproof Skin With A Thumb

Let’s face it, if you have either tried lighting a barbeque fire, camp fire, or you are in a medical marijuana loving state and you need to light that bong, then you know Bic lighters can slip out of your hand easily, especially if your hand is wet. Also, starting a fire or keeping a good bowl full of… ‘medicine’ burning in a bong or pipe can put extra strain on the thumb muscle, but there a way to prevent this.

Thankfully, someone had a great idea, and that is the Firesleeve. Like tight-fitting coveralls, you can outfit your Bic lighter with a waterproof skin that has a grip, so the lighter won’t jump out of your hand. It has a unique rubber band like sling that perfectly fits over the lighter’s gas lever where your thumb would go. This allows you to hold your Bic lighter without pulling a thumb muscle in the process, or chance burning a finger.

The Firesleeve would definitely appeal to hikers, campers and survivalist as well, and it comes with an attachment point on the end, so you can hook it onto your gear. If you need to start a fire, and you don’t want to drop or lose your lighter in wet conditions, or you want to avoid pulling a thumb muscle while showing your love at the next big concert, then choose either Black or Orange for your Firesleeve.




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