Finally! A Real RC Millennium Falcon Drone That Makes Point Five Past Lightspeed!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When you see this awesome RC drone shaped to look like the Millennium Falcon, the first thing you’ll be thinking is ‘why has no one done this before?

millenium falcon rc night

Now you can finally live your dreams of being Han Solo and flying a Millennium Falcon around in the air. It makes for some awesome photos and videos (especially if you fly it in snow landscapes or against a starry sky) and it’s even more fun when you have the Star Wars music playing loudly in a head set.

The drone has all of the awesome features associated with the best quadcopters. That includes glowing lights, great control and stunts capabilities. It is made out of foam

millenium falcon rc with copter

The drone is a hobby project but the great news is that all the details are available online, so there’s nothing to prevent you from making your own one. It will probably cost a little and take a fair bit of time though, so we can’t recommend closing your eyes and trying to fly it using the force…

millenium falcon rc construction

For those who lean more towards the dark side, a TIE Fighter is also in the works.

Now an RC Death Egg… that would be awesome…

millenium falcon rc lights Flying

Source – Engadget / Imgur / Rc Forum Instructions[/vc_column_text]

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