“The Fifth Element” Multipass Replica Can Be Yours Without Fighting Leeloo Dallas For It

Anyone who has ever seen and loved Luc Besson’s modern sci-fi cult classic “The Fifth Element” had better take away this much, if nothing else: Multipass isn’t everything – it might as well be the only thing.

With this 1:1 Multipass Prop Replica, should this all-purpose definitive identification ever become the true societal standard credential, you’ll never be without the appropriate carrier. As a bonus, hey, you’re really set if you happen to bear an uncanny resemblance to Milla Jovovich’s gibberish-speaking, ridiculously attired Leeloo Dallas. This prop replica comes with a perfect facsimile of her newlywed-validating, flying cab-hailing Multipass, which removes easily for replacement with your driver’s license or any other similarly sized ID.


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Makes a great gift for newlyweds looking to hail a flying cab

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