Fiber Optic Tank Top Adds EDM Inspiration To Any Raver’s Wardrobe

The exploratory and imaginative culture of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene transforms fans not unlike the avant garde tastes of its artists. Even the simplest clothing, such as the Holy Threads! Men’s White Fiber Optic Tank Top hold just a little hint of lightning in their DNA.

OK, perhaps that’s a bit poetic, but a light-up muscle shirt? Not the type of notion a Luke Bryan show ordinarily inspires. This white top is woven from quality fiber optic fabric tapped into a rechargeable battery pack. The fabric activates using a wireless remote that toggles its display between Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth settings in red, green, blue or white luminous colorations.

It’s a shockingly comfortable, one-of-a-kind addition to any attire that could stand to look as energetic and imaginative as the music you crave. In case the rave affair is a bit formal, they also have a fiber optic tie too. Fiber-optic-shirtFiber-optic-tie


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