Ferrarri LaFerrari Aperta Has No Roof In This Futuristic Supercar Design

If you can believe it, Ferrari keeps designing and producing supercars that not only dazzle onlookers with their racy lines and futuristic looks, but that are manufactured using only the latest technologies, melded with the best proven auto parts in the world.

Well, believe it, Ferrarri’s LeFarrari Aperta is everything you could expect a dream super race car to be, on the outside, inside the cabin, under the hood, and beneath the chassis, as it is propelled by a hybrid powertrain.

Words lack in describing what is best seen, as any car enthusiast, and loyal customer of Ferrari, could better appreciate the characteristics of the LaFerrari Aperta by a fold out picture. Well, have a look for yourself, scroll down and view this sexy vehicles statistics, and then and ask yourself, “Is this love at first sight?”





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