Ferrari Spaceship Concept Takes Our Boring Century Out of This Solar System

Film and Space Industries are the only ones with forward-thinking concepts, right? Pft! Move aside Star Wars, because the automobile industry is thinking outside of this solar system with their futuristic designs.

Take a look at this brief trip to the future of automobiles. Who would’ve thought that a car design director like Flavio Manzoni from Ferrari could be such a visionary! This man behind the designs for FXX K and LaFerrari has clearly been getting some inspiration from the Sci-Fi genre with his adaptation of the future of space travel, spaceships! This creative man was influenced by great films like Blade Runner, Flash Gordon, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

His ideas may be decades away from fruition, but this kind of thinking and imagination is what we love to see!


Source – Hi Consumption via FormTrends
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