Fender Tune App Tunes Your Guitar Using iPhone For Free

Whether you are a seasoned, performing musician, a long-time lover of music and play multiple musical instruments, or you are just learning to play the guitar, then keeping your instruments in tune is important. There are various electrical tuning tools available, but keeping these handy can be a chore, not to mention the cost of buying them a burden.

Well, now there is a new way to tune your acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or electric bass, and it doesn’t cost anything. You can just use your iPhone, it’s true! You can use you iPhone, tablet, or android device, to tune your musical instrument, with an app from a name you can trust – Fender.

The app lets you do a few things other tuners don’t offer, such as providing a string-by-string guide, and a choice to use chromatic mode that lets you tune into any and all notes on the musical scale. There are 22 tuning choices in all, but the best part about this app is obvious, it’s free.

Fender Tune App (1)Fender Tune App (4)Fender Tune App (3)fender tune app

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Great for Beginners, Accurate for Pros

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