Fender Pro In-Ear Monitor Give Superior Sound For Serious Musicians

The renowned musical instrument company – Fender, has a new line of products that were recently revealed that has musicians tuning-in, especially for those involved in music production and live performances the announcement is big news – the first-ever Pro In-Ear Monitor Series.

What makes the Fender unveiling is the technology that is behind the new In-Ear Monitor Series that has musician excited to experience their superior sounds; and Fender delivers. Many musicians will be happy to note that the 3D-printed ear housing are sure to fit any ear size and shape, as the Fender has gone so far as to scan thousands of ear models to create a comfortable universal fit. They offer superior distortion free sound reproduction of crisp treble, deep bass from 6Hz-24Hz, and 16-ohm =/-10% @1kHz impedance. They also protect the users hearing while eliminated up to 22dB of ambient noises.

There are five models available, the DXA1, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6 and FXA7, all come with a deluxe carrying case as you would expect, tip assortment, cable and a cleaning kit. For more information you can read their specifications on the Fender homepage.



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For serious players and audiophiles

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