Felt Stone Rugs Evokes A Soft Natural Living Environment Illusion

If you like unique ‘things’ to decorate your house with, but you can’t find anything that inspires or invokes a feeling of nature that you want, it can make you feel like you’re stuck ‘between a rock and a hard place’. Well, worry no more because now you can add a touch of natural environment to any room of your home with these new Felt Stone Wool Rugs, and cushions.

These rugs are fantastic, unique, and look just like real rocks that are sewn together, to create all sizes of rugs and mats. Because these come in various sizes, they are perfect for use in bathrooms as shower mats, or as large carpets to place under decorative coffee tables made of wood, or even as pet mats. These are not ordinary rocks mind you, these are super soft made from merino sheep and llama wool.

Felted and natural looking rock rugs and cushions can go with any interior design theme because of the various colors of rocks available, there are white and gray rocks, and assorted colored rock rugs that look so real that your guests will be compelled to take a closer look to appreciate them.

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Ultra-soft Merino Sheep & Llama Wool... soooo soft and warm

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