Feline Laser Chasing Scratch Post Will Keep Your Cats Entertained For Days On End

It’s true, cats are like children and enjoy playing, their instinct to hunt, stalk and pounce on their prey is hot-wired into their little kitty brains. Cat owners know very well that when their kitty wants to play, they ‘need’ to give them something to play with, or else, cats will literally climb the walls of a home.

If you are a cat parent, and you desperately need to give your kitty ‘something’ to do with their time, then you ‘need’ this unique scratch post because it will entertain your little furry one when they are bored.

What makes this scratch post unique is that it has laser lights emitting from it that are projected onto the floor in unpredictable swirling patterns, which is guaranteed to capture the attention of any feline. Once you place it in your home, step back, and then watch your catch perpetually play with the unpredictable laser lights.


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