FEELREAL’s Virtual Reality Helmet Takes Your Senses on the Ride of Your Life

Spend your days with your head in the clouds? Reality’s boring! Why not immerse yourself into your very own fantasy? That’s exactly what a Kickstarter project FEELREAL, Inc. is trying to do.

You probably remember various failed attempts to simulate an innovative virtual reality experience in video games or Smell-O-Vision, but this company is taking it a step further with their Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet. FEELREAL’s aim is to bring all of your senses to life in a virtual reality setting.  This is meant to work with

  • Oculus Rift
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Sony Morpheus
  • Zeiss VR One

Feel the wind or rain on your face or smell gunpowder as you immerse yourself in your favorite western. Though their first Kickstarter Project didn’t reach critical mass, we’re hoping that they don’t lose sight of their innovative vision.

Virtual Reality Helmet 1 Virtual Reality Helmet 2 Virtual Reality Helmet 3 Virtual Reality Helmet 4 Virtual Reality Helmet 5 Virtual Reality Helmet 6 Virtual Reality Helmet 7 Virtual Reality Helmet 8 smells
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