FanCam Fishing Camera Lets You See What You Can Catch Below

Cameras lenses are now so small you can hide or put them anywhere, smartphone camera lenses are the best example of this. Well, they got them mounted in drones, sunglasses, surfboards and now on fishing poles? Oh, yeah, its true, and it is a glorious god-send for fisher folks everywhere!

The hardy lens is mounted on the fishing line roughly 6 inches above your choice of bait or lure, and it lets you see the fish that come to inspect it with a live feed on your tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi, up to 100 feet away.

The guts of the camera are hidden in the base of the Fishing FanCam, so there is no worrying about getting it wet, the inventors thought of everything and made it waterproof. All you need is an AA battery for power and some water. Even if you are not ‘big’ on fishing, this underwater camera lens lets you view the underwater world, you never know what you may see?

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Look out fish - we've got an advantage

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