Fallout, Skyrim, & Doom Coming Soon To A Digital Pinball Table Near You

Permit us to explain an all-important distinction between two acclaimed video game publishers, Konami and Bethesda.

Konami lays claim to such universally beloved, recognizable, and celebrated franchises as “Metal Gear Solid,” “Silent Hill,” and “Castlevania.” Since Konami hates no two things on Earth quite the way they loathe money and their fans, they showed their “respect” for these iconic series by treating their creators the way a veterinarian treats a yap-happy Chihuahua’s nuts, publishing terrible sequels, and eventually reducing them to tawdry Pachinko machines.

Bethesda, on the other hand? With their own grand stable of hits including the “Fallout” franchise, “The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim,” and the gloriously worth-every-minute-we-waited-for-it “Doom” remake at their beck and call, they fashioned assets from these storied properties into stylized DLC demo tables for the free-to-play “Pinball FX 2” at no extra cost to Xbox One and PC owners for a limited time.

The three-pack then goes all the way up to $11 after the fleeting free trial.

It’s generous enough that Bethesda would first open this added content up gratis and then affordably price such a bundle so generously , but it only impresses us more that these tables were designed with incredible fully rendered detail from the fire-belching dragons to combative vault-dwellers and the lock-picking mini-game lovingly lifted from “Skyrim.”

This is what it looks like when a publisher clearly loves its fans as much as it covets its franchises.

Source – Engadget

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