Fairy Jars Provide Magical, Mystical Light Into Your Legendary Home

Night time can be a scary time for kids outside, especially if there are no lights around, as monsters could lurk in the shadows behind trees and rocks. Fortunately, woodland fairies can be rounded up for their bright, magical glow and imprisoned in glass jars to light the way for human children.

Sounds barbaric, capturing fairies and imprisoning them in colorful jars so that they provide beautifully illuminated light at night for human children and adults, but fairies aren’t real. Instead of fairy dust, these cutely colored jars are solar-powered and have their own handle that allows you to carry them at night to light your way.

There is no need for batteries or an on & off switch, as these high-tech fairy lights have an automatic light sensor that turns them on when it gets dark. These are great for setting a magical mood outdoors around pathways or indoors in a child’s room.

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Release The Magical Light Into Your Home

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