Facebook’s Aquila Solar Plane Spreads the Internet Across All Continents

Facebook has become a social media icon in such a short time, but what really sets it apart? Well for starters, there’s over a billion active users out there. That means 1 in 7 people across the globe are constantly updating their statuses! So what’s the next step for Facebook?

They’re hoping to provide the entire world with internet. Since last year they’ve teased about have planes in the air that beam down internet to users, but we’ve finally got an actual sneak peek from the company. They call these internet-providing planes Aquila, and these devices are solar powered.

How does it get up in the air? Apparently they have balloons to help elevate the planes before they are charged up by the sun. Once they babies are up in the air they’ll stay afloat for up to 90 days. Keep your fingers crossed as Facebook tests these planes later this year.

Source – Engadget via Facebook

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