Face Licker Lollipops Are Custom Made To Look Like You, A Friend, Or Anyone Else You’d Like To Lick

We’re sure that your mother told you to put your tongue back in your mouth at some point during your childhood. Maybe you even went so far as to lick your sibling just to irritate them. Well that’s exactly what Face Licker lollipops want you to do. With just a photo, you can have a custom lollipop made to look like anyone you want.

All you have to do to get your very own Face Licker is submit a photo and brief description of the person you would like to be turned into sugar. Then, master sugarsmiths will handcraft the likeness of the individual (yourself or someone else) into a delicious, custom made lollipop.

Who doesn’t love a thoughtful, truly unique gift? Sure, maybe your friends will think it’s weird that you got them a life-sized replica of their face made out of sugar. But, who cares? It’s delicious. And for any vegans out there, Face Licker lollipops are vegan friendly. Each lollipop is made by hand and custom made to fit your order, so no two will be just alike. You can get one of yourself, a significant other, or even a celebrity. (Yes that means your dream of kissing Channing Tatum or Katy Perry can finally come true). Plus, the tutti-frutti flavor of your Face Licker makes everything sweeter than real life. Nothing makes a better gag gift! Send in a picture of your boss and watch their face turn into a smile or scowl as they open the box to see their own face staring back at them. For any occasion, a Face Licker is the unique way to brighten the day.

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