F-Bomb Coffee Mug Says What We’re All Thinking

Not even gonna lie: we’ll miss President Obama after 2016 for dirt-off-the-shoulder repartees like this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner retort to whether or not he has a “bucket list” for the home stretch of his final term.

“I have something that rhymes with ‘bucket list’,” he said. “Take executive action on immigration? Bucket. New climate regulations? Bucket.”

The man has set a new bar. Our advice to our next president: the first time it hits the fan at escape velocity and you sit before a bank of firing squad-like television cameras to assuage a frightened, confused nation that’s about to act a fool like lava-coated howler monkeys on meth, position the F-Bomb Coffee Mug front and center.

When it comes to our coffee in the morning, if we don’t get it as the day goes on, lets say our politically correct language gets thrown out the window. So why not tell people how you really feel. Perhaps you work with that foul mouthed guy in marketing who can’t stop throwing out the F-word. Don’t wash their mouth out with soap! Give hem this to wash out their mouth with piping hot coffee.

We’ve had more sugar coating than a box of Extra-Diabetic Lucky Charms. Whether it’s Manhattan’s own personal frighteningly racist Orange Lantern, an ex-Secretary of State who fails at Gmail or a kindly Vermont senator, let it be known that we just want a president who speaks his or her mind.

Even if it does boil down to the one thing this mug screams that we’d so often like to about a dozen times a day – on a good day.

Source – BigMouthInc

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