Eye Makeup Art Sees The World In (And Upon) Israeli Artist Tal Peleg’s Eyes

Sometimes, things we stumble upon while circumnavigating these wild, wild Interwebz leaves us no choice but to temper the tongue-in-cheek and simply indulge a little genuinely captivated wonder.

The sublime renderings you see are the work of Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg, and those are not gorgeous eyes drawn and painted vibrantly on any canvas – she composes her intricately colored and shaded art on her own actual eyelids.

In a candid post to Bored Panda, Peleg explained the essential vast character that such expressive eyes as her own lend the miniature images themselves. Using only eye-shadow and eyeliners to imbue her already crystal-blue irises with soft, imaginative new worlds of color, she has adorned her eyes with flowers in bloom, beloved cartoon and fairy tale characters, serene cats, and when she finds herself awash with particular ambition, the occasional replicated Picasso painting.

One could say, a new world is born in her eyes every day. Every blink, a new night. Every opening of them, a dawn.

“Inspiration is all around me, and I give my own unique artistic interpretation using makeup,” she wrote recently. “It can be inspired by emotions, movies, fairy tales, animals, food, important social matter and more.”

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