Ewok Knit Hooded Scarf Adds A Little YUBNUB To Your Winter Warmth

Mock the ThinkGeek-exclusive Ewok Knit Hooded Scarf at your own risk, fellow STAR WARS-nerd tribes. You may think they’re nothing short of the birthplace of everything that has ever gone horribly, horribly wrong with the franchise, but those who love these little sentient lint-balls with eyes to itty-bitty pieces tend to carry spears.

Trust us, besmirch this warm kawaii-inspired outerwear a little too loudly and you’ll be singing “YUBNUB!” out an inventive new orifice. At 55 inches around, it’s made for nearly any and all sizes and finished perfectly with a couple of frankly adorable faux-fur ears. Made with exquisite variegated yarn, it’s the height of fan finery.

Happy LIfe Day, to the furry and fleshy alike.

ewok_knit_hooded_scarf (2)

Ewok Knit Scarf
Ewok Knit Scarf
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Warmer than a TaunTaun on Hoth

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