Ewok Kids Beanie Turns Children Into Adorable Ewoks From Endor

Every child is one embarrassing case of excessive hair growth away from being an Ewok.

There are more than a few adoption agencies who refuse to deal with us because we’ve expressed a vocal preference for hirsutism six-year-olds with hirsutism. Fortunately, this Ewok Kids’ Beanie offers us an alternative. Now, our biological children can run around wherever they please this winter wearing a fleece-lined cap with an adorable embroidered Ewok face on the front, a pair of stitched eyebrows, and even little ears in tan and black up top.

Really, what true Star Wars fan could resist turning an infant into a little gibbering, drooling, pooping forest pygmy? This toasty-warm hat is so undeniably cute and comfy, we almost want to move someplace with a more Hoth-like climate, just so we can wear it year-round.

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