Evapolar Personal Air Conditioner Cools You Down Anywhere

Trying to get comfortable and cool while relaxing or working eludes most of us, especially when it’s a hot day or humid night. Wouldn’t it be ‘cool’ if there was a mobile air conditioning unit, one that you could bring around with you, no matter where you go in the house or office?

Yes, it would, and yes, there is such a personal air conditioning unit you can carry with; one you can set up near your favorite place in the house where you like to relax, or where you have to work.

It’s called, Evapolar – an advanced personal cooling unit that cools air by using water. It may not produce cold air like a wall mounted air-conditioned, but it is the next best thing! All you have to do is stand it in the upright position, pour some water into it tank, turn it towards you, and then turn it on. Bam! Cool air wherever you need it.

And, this Eco-friendly little unit comes in the color of your choice – black, white or green, for nature.


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