Equinox Snowcoach Lets Friends Join The Fun Wintery Ride

When space is scarce, cars and other four-wheeled vehicles can install roof racks, and cargo carrier on top of the vehicles, or tow trailers to haul all their…‘stuff’. Even bikes and motorcycles have cargo carriers that can be mounted on them, such as bicycle baskets and even side cars to carry more people and things.

However, there are no trailers available for these two-wheeled vehicles Why is that? Obviously, it’s for safety reasons, because towing a trailer with a two-wheeled vehicle is an accident just waiting to happen. But, what about snowmobiles, is there a cargo solution for these? Yes, now there is, and it’s called the Snowcraft.

Because snowmobiles do not operate on the highways, and they don’t balance on two wheels, these can tow anything you tie to them. The Snowcraft is a cargo trailer that can accommodate up to two occupants, or up to 350 lbs of weight. It is handsomely designed and built to handle strong winds, snow, rain and has a hatch that can be closed to keep the cold out.

It can be attached to either a snowmobile or even an ATV, and its two steel skis have a gas-operated shock suspension system that guarantees a smooth ride for your passengers. It is constructed from a type of high-grade polyethylene and its hull is attractively streamlined. It even has its own brakes for emergencies.

There is a lot more to this little gem – the Snowcraft, and you can read more about its specification here:


Equinox Snowcoach
Equinox Snowcoach
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