Epson Star Wars Smart Canvas Watches Ensure The Force Will Be Punctually With You, Always

Epson’s Smart Canvas limited-edition line of licensed pop culture-themed E-ink display watches have left us smitten and less impressed than ever with the ceaseless parade of smartwatches. Come on. Big deal, an Apple Watch has a web browser and continuous vital sign telemetry.

These four STAR WARS variant designs each sport unique graphics and bands respecitvley honoring Darth Vader, countless fallen Imperial stormtroopers, R2-D2 and C-3PO, in addition to several neat display modes in retro-ish black and grey details. Samsung and Apple can just go right ahead and cancel each other out for 2nd place. Our dream-watches feature a Story Mode display function that sets the time against scenic backdrops from the original trilogy.

Meanwhile, Vehicle Mode does exactly it says on the tin: accents the displayed time with images of famed Rebel vehicles (for the droids’ respective watches) and Imperial hardware on Vader and the Stormtrooper’s screens.

Time Display mode – well, it displays the time, complete with larger numerals, a background Imperial or Rebel insignia, and the day and date. However, Desktop Mode may be our favorite, since it displays not only the date and time, but the room temperature paired with a corresponding different character from a selection that, again, differs between Imperial and Rebel watches.


Source – Technabob via Epson

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