Enjoy 74 Deliciously Funny Menu Translation Fails. Bon Apetit!

There are few businesses in all the world harder to manage with enduring success without a few odd hiccups than a restaurant. Ever hear the old question, “What’s more important, great food or great service?” Well, without being accommodating to both, you’ve basically failed, to be entirely honest.

Sometimes, we all have to really adjust our definitions of “failure”. After looking at over 15 of the most awe-inspiring menu mistakes we’ve ever seen, we’re pretty sure some of these should be left as they are for pure charm.

Go ahead. Look at us with a straight face. Ready? Now, tell us that you don’t want a double helping of “I can’t find on Google but it’s delicious” just because ordering it instantly gives you a great “Hand to God, I saw this in person…” story to tell later.

Yeah, that’s about what we thought.

Source – BoredPanda

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