Emoji Leggings Don’t Make A Statement…They Make ALL The Statements (At Once)

Oh, emoji. We just can’t help admiring your dedication. Even as text-speak crushed even the most basic communication with two-syllable words unnecessarily halved into effortless grunts (Really, world? “Bruh?”) and acronyms invented on the fly faster than a speeding Google search, you thought to yourself, “No. Language could be simpler still, without…letters.”

Well, whether nature gifted you short n’ sweet stems or gams for days, Groove Been Served’s emoji leggings are worth a thousand texts.

OK, perhaps somewhere in the “800 texts” neighborhood among our fun-size readers, but still…

When it comes to effortless, fun expression, these babies make the world your oyster, and your thigh, an iPhone. In a silly mood? Boom, winking-tongue-out on the left knee. Ready for Halloween? Direct wandering eyes to the middle of your right thigh – hello, jack-o’-lantern. Feeling quite German today? Top o’ the right shin to you.

Whether a lady is feeling sad, happy, baseball, Japanese or beer, these kitschy leggings have it – and her – covered.

We didn’t go looking for the Happily Tightly Coiled Poo emoji. We just aren’t sure we want to know where that one landed.

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Source – FashionablyGeek

Emoji Leggings
Emoji Leggings
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