Emoji Keyboard Multiplies Your Online “Vocabulary” With Scores Of Cutesy Symbols

The spreading popularity and widening variety of emoji have essentially multiplied the practical vocabulary available to the Internet at large in any given scenario. The EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard makes the case that it’s about time our devices caught the hell up to our communication habits.

The Emoji Keyboard is a bit like a text-entry TARDIS: it holds several times the characters of an ordinary traditional keyboard within the exact same dimensions. The standard QWERTY arrangement lays out the standard letters, numerals and symbols, but with a common emoji also assigned to each key – yes, even the coiled-poop emoji. The Emoji Keyboard Plus and Pro models each assign additional an additional emoji or two to each key plus a handy skin-tone modifier at the respective costs of $74.95 or $99.95 compared to the standard Emoji Keyboard’s $49.95 price point.

All three keyboards are Bluetooth-compatible with Windows and iOS tablet, laptop and desktop platforms.


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