Elgato Stream Deck Takes Gaming Broadcasting To The Next Level For Your Audience

Get ready for easy streaming, the Elgato Stream Deck is a much-anticipated gaming control center that boasts fifteen programmable LCD keys that directly integrates with Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, OBS, and a whole lot more, all with a simple press of a button. It even has automatic detection of media, and an extensive array of commands that you can customize and assign pre-installed icon graphics, or use your own.

Once you set up your buttons to start your streaming, you can let your social world know that you are online via Twitter, or any other social media you use. Once your ‘live’, then switch between scenes and include sound effects and animation instantly to create an awesome atmosphere to entertain your viewers. It has automated alerts that allow you to thank donors and welcome new subscribers, plus tons of self expression at your fingertips.

While the tech that runs the Elgato is nothing new, the way the interface and rows of LCD keys are laid out is definitely user-friendly. The automated tasks, the ability to configure devices to use with it via a simple drag-and-drop interface makes the Elgato a “must-have” for those who want a pro-level control center in their homes.

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Take gaming streaming the next level for your audience

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