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Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Even entrepreneurs who claim they only sleep 4-5 hours a night still needs those few hours to be the most comfortable and relaxed few hours with as little disturbances as possible to ensure they wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on the day. I can honestly say that testing out the Elemental Sleep King Mattress has done just that. Let me explain my experience and you can be the judge.

For 10+ years I’ve been sleeping on a double pillow top mattress that frankly was much more expensive than I wanted to pay for a mattress, but when you think about the amount of time you spend on that mattress and the effect it has on your day from the night’s sleep, it just made sense. And in my mind, if I spent a more money, I would have a better night’s sleep – and for the longest time I felt I made a good decision. However, after a few years you don’t realize how much comfort is lost from usual (or unusual) wear and tear use. Our night’s sleep had become horrible, and uncomfortable.

Time for a new mattress

So many to choose from, the options seemed limitless. Who to choose? I eventually narrowed it down to Elemental Sleep. They seemed to offer the most features for the best price, and while I never heard of them before, they are an American brand since 1931 making beds in the USA, so they oughta know a thing or two about making a quality mattress no?  My wife and I do our best to live a healthy lifestyle, chemical free, so being that this was made from a bio-foam infused gel, it seemed right up our alley. Plus,  it has 8” of support foam and 2” of ‘reflex+’ graphene comfort foam that is designed to keep the surface area and more important your body not too cool and not too hot while you sleep. Like goldilocks, JUST RIGHT. Lastly, the removable zipper cover is super soft and fire retardant for added protection just in case. This way your mattress will always be clean, unlike other mattresses that get those ugly brown stains from your body over the years.

Thing is, I NEVER purchased a bed online before. I always went to the store, and lay on a bunch of beds while a creepy soft spoken sales guy would talk to me. You walk over to a sales desk while they “work the numbers”. After all kinds of nonsense and a ridiculously long time, the end price with delivery always left me feel like they were screwing me. I hated it. The whole experience was always weird and uncomfortable to me, but it’s what you have had to do. Until recently.

With a free 100 night trial, I got nothing to lose

I ordered the mattress from Amazon, and got it quick, 2 days. Boy was I surprised how small the box was. I couldn’t believe an entire king size mattress was in such a small box. It wasn’t “that” heavy, and my wife actually brought it up 2 flights of steps all by herself. We laid the box on our existing box spring, and noticed it was extremely air tight packed, wrapped in foam. At first we thought that extra foam was part of the bedding or something to be used, but it was probably just there for extra protection in shipping.

Ok, so it’s a bed, what instructions do you need right? None I suppose, but as we were doing this, we thought it would be nice to have some kind of quick opening guide. Something on the outside of the box perhaps that said “DON’T — USE A BOXCUTTER” where to peel the plastic off or something. I know, I know, it’s common sense stuff, but it did run through our minds ONLY because we never got a bed like this and didn’t want to damage it somehow. Either case, it was an easy process, and as soon as the plastic was off, POOF, the bed quickly expanded in a minute or two. The only bad experience of this whole process is my OLD mattress is just big and bulky to have to squeeze it and shove it down the steps out of the house.

The whole unwrapping process took just 2 minutes

It felt extremely lightweight and soft, durable quality to the touch with the fabric being a little bit springy. We quickly laid down and sat on it because we were so excited. Instantly we squished right into place. It wasn’t too soft, and it wasn’t too hard. Our bodies kinda just formed into place in the mattress. It was much different than my old pillow top mattress, but I can say that I like this much better at first try. The most important thing is the sleep, so we set the bed up with the sheets and pillows then laid in bed to watch TV. It took a minute to get used to it because of how it conforms to your body. My old mattress we would kinda bounce into position that was something we just got accustomed to. I must say that I felt the way it conformed to my body felt much more natural, and comforting. We sat up, watched TV for about 45 minutes or so, and both of us almost instantly drifted to sleep.

We both slept an hour later than normal.

Thats right. I’m a pretty early riser, yet both my wife and I slept much longer that we normally do, and this happened the first 2 days of using this mattress. I’m writing this on day 3 and in the past 3 days, I have slept much more comfortably and feel much more rested after waking up in the morning. Normally when I sleep, I toss and turn a few times, waking up in the middle of the night. This did not happen. I sleep on my right side, and that’s exactly how I woke up. My wife was in the exact same position she passed out in too. For the first time in a long time I can say I was well rested. I slept much better that night than I had on my other double pillow top mattress. I guess I always thought that softer was better with the double pillow top I used to have. The Elemental Sleep mattress was both soft and firm because it conformed to my body so much better than my older soft bounce mattress. My muscles didn’t hurt and I can genuinely say I woke up feeling really, really good. The next day, trying out the mattress again, I felt the exact same way. My muscles feel relaxed, they don’t ache, and we both got a really good, no, great nights sleep.

All in all I am extremely happy with this mattress and the entire experience. No fuss or time wasted going to a store and dealing with a sales guy and creepily laying on other beds that everyone else is laying on for who knows how long. Maybe the person before me had lice, or is plain filthy. The fact that I get 100 days to test out a fresh bed in the comfort of my own home is the best experience ever when shopping for a new bed. The complete process from start to finish was extremely smooth and I am looking forward to many more restful nights on this mattress for years to come.

10 Total Score
Best nights sleep I've had in YEARS!

  • 100 Night Free Trial
  • Super Soft Removable Cover
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 8 Inches of Soft Foam
  • 100% American Made
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • An open guide would have been nice
  • Info Sheet about the product
  • No obvious washing suggestions
  • Plain white box
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