Electric-Powered Mini GMC Denali Is The Ride For Big-Kid Ballers

We have never felt so profoundly let-down and disappointed by our Power Wheels.

Ready to teach your kids that the measure of a true baller ages 3 and up is not in dollars and cents, but the sweetness of his ride? Then there can be no better plaything than the chrome-plated wheels of the electric ride-on GMC Sierra Denali. Running at settings of either 2 1/2 or 5 mph going forwrad or 2 1/2 mph in reverse on a two-hour battery (12-hour recharge time via AC adapter), the mini-Denali is as sweet a tyke-ready SUV as they come. The chrome wheels’ treaded rubber tires take this truck anyway, with a little help from working LEDheadlights. This kid-friendly model replicates the best-selling vehicle as closely as possible, right down to fold-in side-view mirrors and a tailgate that opens and shuts for more than pint-sized hauls.

Up to two children can go for a spin and savor the realistic roar of the engine and honk of the AA battery-powered horn – you know, for that one kid on the sidewalk who has to drive his Big Wheel 1 mph in the 2 mph zone. Just to salt our nostalgic inner brat’s wounds just a bit more deeply, any smartphone or iPod can kick out the jams via the built-in dual speakers and auxiliary cable.

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GMC Sierra Denali
GMC Sierra Denali
8.5 Total Score
True Baller for All Riders 3 and Up

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