Electric Gyroboard Transporter Is Like A Mini Segway That Takes Lazy People Anywhere

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter is basically a tiny, two wheeled horizontal skateboard that works in a similar manner to a Segway. In other words, you control it simply by tilting your feet just ever-so-slightly forward which will then propel you at decent speeds. Likewise, you then only need to lean back slightly to slow down and stop, or press harder on one side to rotate on the spot.

While that might sound terrifying, the device actually should be relatively easy to balance on thanks to an internal gyroscope that stabilizes the whole thing. There are two electric motors in the device which can drive users forward at a speedy 6MPH. It can also handle gradients up to 15 degrees and gets to about four miles on a single charge.

Unlike a Segway though, this 225lb item is actually small enough to be easily stowed in a book or left under the desk in an office if it does run out of juice. It’s pretty portable then and a lot of fun so who knows, maybe this one will succeed where Segway failed and replace walking! Because it’s about high time that we didn’t have to walk anymore! Right?

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Electric Gyroboard Transporters
Electric Gyroboard Transporters
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