EGO Power+ Electric Snow Blower Blasts Power Better Than Gas

Shoveling snow is anything but fun, it is a humbly experience, especially when it is wet snow left behind by city snow plows. Many people turn to electric snow blowers to clear pathways, but these are often not powerful enough to handle heavy snow, have a limited range, and not powerful enough to throw snow but a few feet.

Well, meet your new ego, the EGO Power, it is a cordless snow blower that lets you make your own path, without cord length restrictions, and it has the power performance of a gas blower; strong enough to throw snow up to 35 feet!

Equipped with an easy to use variable-speed auger, a high-efficiency brush-less motor, a 21-inch wide intake, and rapid recharge technology utilizing two ARC Lithium™ batteries, there is no smoke or loud engine noises to disturb your neighbors, you’ll get the job done with your pride still intact.

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